Monday, October 13, 2008

7 things you've always wanted to know about me

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1. I have always lived in Maine
2. I love to declutter/organize and I'm currently in the mood to take every single thing out of our house and start fresh.
3. I have been able to do a one handed cartwheel since the age of 2, so I find it fascinating that my girls find it difficult to do a cartwheel.
4. This is the first year that the boys outnumber the girls here at home when the older girls are at school. I love having daughters AND sons. :-)
5. I am great at keeping a record of my own family history, but terrible at researching the history of my ancestors.
6. I love listening to Glenn Beck!
7. I LIKE driving my kids to activities and watching them...weird, I know.

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Every blogger who reads this post! Okay, so #8 could be I'm too lazy and short on time to list 7 people and link to them. Bye!


Kris said...

A one handed cartwheel, that's tricky!

It sounds like a busy but fun weekend for Zoe!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wanna see that.

Janae said...

You can still do the cartwheel?? that is amazing! I want to see that too:)

Ave said...

I sometimes listen to Glenn Beck, although I must say, I think he can be a bit rude. I also listen to Sean Hannity at night, he is a little less drama queen, and makes some good points.
I have never been able to do a proper cartwheel. Go Joey!

mindyluwho said...

I'm with you on taking everything out of my house and starting over...if only I could get my family on board!

I haven't been around in awhile and I love your new template. Don't tell me how long it's been since you changed because then I will feel bad that I haven't noticed before this!