Thursday, October 09, 2008

Conferences Done!

I just got back from picking Emily up from school. She has a bad stomach ache and she walks hunched over because of the pain. Emily, Zach, and Kate are camped out on the floor in front of the tv watching Scooby Doo. The cool, damp day outside makes it easier to veg inside. It's a bummer that Emily is missing getting her picture taken at school today and she'll miss out on her class photo, but she can have an individual picture done when the photographer comes back to retake pictures. I never buy school pictures since I always get their pictures taken on or after their birthdays, but I always get a free class photo. The kids also usually make a Christmas gift with their school picture, so I end up with a copy of their picture, which is nice.

Noah turned 3 months old yesterday!

He loves to suck on his fingers. It has been nice to have him calm himself down by sticking his fingers in his mouth when he is crying and I am busy doing something.
He also likes to look at his hands and he can hold onto a toy for a moment or two. He loves to smile at us and that just makes his siblings' day when they see Noah smiling at them.

We had a nice conference with Zoe's teacher, Mrs. LaLonde yesterday. Zoe had Mrs. LaLonde last year as well, so we are very familiar with her and she is one of our favorite teachers. Zoe is doing great as usual. The only thing she needs to work on is slowing down when she talks and reads. Often her mind is going faster than her mouth and she stumbles over her words, but Zoe is aware of this and she is working on it. Mrs. Lalonde thinks that Zoe will do well with any of the 5th grade teachers. In the Spring, Mrs. LaLonde will tell us about each teacher and their teaching styles and personalities to help us decide if we'd like to request a certain teacher. Zoe will move on to the middle school (5th-8th grades) next year which will be a whole new experience for all of us! Zoe is reading at the end of a 4th grade level and does very well comprehending what she reads. Mrs. LaLonde knows that Zoe needs challenging books to read, but Zoe is also good at letting her know when the work is too easy. Mrs. LaLonde is anxious for grandchildren, so she loves to see our little ones. She even offered to watch our kids one evening next month, so Matt and I can have a date night...and that's not the only reason why I think she is awesome! :-)

To answer your comment Kris, I prefer to meet with the teachers without the student present, which was how it was done until last year. Now the fall conferences are goal setting conferences, so the students are supposed to come along to share their goals, too. I think more can be said when the student isn't there. Eleanor didn't meet with us when we met with her teacher, but Emily and Zoe were there when we met with theirs. Emily stayed with us until I told her she could go outside and play and then she was happy to leave, but Zoe wanted to stay with us the entire time.
I'll e-mail the teachers throughout the year to touch base with them and voice any concerns I have and I'll encourage them to do the same.

Happy Birthday, Donna! Happy First Date Anniversary, Matt! 12 years ago you called and asked me to go see the movie, "Emma" with you and here we are 12 years later living in a condemned trailer with 6 kids...if only you knew what you were getting yourself into. :-) I love you!


Kris said...

I hope Emily feels better soon. Was she having a lot of stomachaches (sp??) last year... or am I thinking of headaches. Anyway I hope she feels better. I can't believe Zoe will be off to middle school?! I have never heard of that starting with fifth grade... but they have just one teacher all day? Always a new adventure... Happy 3 months to Zach, he is so cute and chubby. And happy first date anniversary... it must be your good record-keeping that helps you to keep track of that! that is sweet.

Ave said...

I'd rather have my mind go faster then my mouth, then my mouth go faster then my mind. However, I am cursed with the latter.

Anonymous said...

I'm with ave... one both halves of that statement.

Congrats on having bright kids! Although it does make it tougher to understand why they still do stupid things. I have that problem with my siblings all the time.

Happy anniversary!

Rachelle said...

He is adorable! I missed his birth. Congrats on him!

ML said...

I love your mention of your first date anniversary--it set my mind to thinkin'...oh, the paths life takes us! It's so great to have the right traveling companion.