Friday, October 17, 2008

Is it really Friday already?

Has it really been since Monday that I last wrote? Where has the week gone?
I have had a super productive morning "cleaning" the kids room. I have been skimming through the book "Clutter Be Gone" by Don Aslett, which I borrowed from my mom. I didn't expect to get more motivated than I already am to get rid of clutter, but it has managed to motivate me to get rid of the stuff that I tend to hang on to for future use or for whatever reason when I really don't need it or use it. The decluttering is contagious because now Matt is insisting that we each get rid of 5 things a day. He would like the kids to do it too, but they don't see anything they own as clutter, it's all good. Which is why their room gets "cleaned" while they are at school. Zach and Kate had a great time playing this morning with toys that have been tucked away and forgotten about. Noah slept until noon time!(which is why I have been so productive) He has been waking up late this week. I am loving it!

Monday evening stands out in my mind for the week. I have made the rule once again that the house will be picked up before Matt gets home, which started on Monday. The kids came right in from playing outside when I called to them and they did a great job cleaning up. I made a yummy dinner, which was ready when Matt got home and the table was set before he walked through the door. We had a nice Family Home Evening and the kids went to bed on time. It was nice and memorable. The kids have done a great job all week getting the house looking nice before Matt gets home. I hope they keep it up. It should be easier now with less toys to put away. :-)

My mom called me yesterday morning to see if I wanted to go to Ellsworth with her. We stopped at Goodwill first where I got rid of 6 or 7 grocery bags of stuff and my sewing machine. Don't worry, we still have Matt's sewing machine. We didn't need two and I figured since Matt actually uses his from time to time that we should get rid of mine. Mom stopped at Mike's book store to talk with Mike about helping them put in their new kitchen floor and Mike was more than willing to help. We then went to Friendly's for lunch. Zach, Kate, and Noah were very good. Kate insisted on tipping her cup up and spilling milk all over herself, but the kids were quiet and they ate good. I fed Noah while we waited for our food, and then he sat in his car seat while I ate. Very nice.

Zoe and I have been working on her Faith in God goals on Sunday evenings for the past few months. She is currently working on a word of wisdom goal where she needed to plan an activity that will teach the word of wisdom. She decided to put on a play for our branch with the other 8-11 year old girls. I converted the story, "The Hot Chocolate Mishap" into a play. So last night was our first practice for the play and the girls are all excited about it and they had fun practicing. We have 4 girls and there were 4 girl parts in the play so that worked out perfectly. We're going to meet every Thursday night until the play is done. We're thinking of doing the play on Pie Night right before Thanksgiving if the girls are ready.

There, I think that covers the week. Oh yeah, I had a dream last night that lobster was selling for 10-25 cents per pound. Of course when I got to the store, the lobster had all been sold. Bummer! My birthday is 3 weeks away, so lobster is on my mind.

Have a great weekend!


Dawn said...

Yes, it's Friday already and we have covered hundreds of miles since Monday. I will be writing about it for several days to come. Decluttering is on my mind and heart, but it seems that I have only succeeded in doing two areas so far - many more to come!

Anonymous said...

AMEN to getting rid of JUNK! I probably have strong enough feelings on this (and feel free to read "probably" as "definitely") to write my own blog if not BOOK on the topic. I wont though, so don't worry. Even now I'm constantly trying to sell things I don't see us using now or AS SOON as we move into our own house.

Good job kids, getting the house all set for dad!

The play sounds like fun! Be sure to take pictures!

Kris said...

Another busy week... thanks for catching me up! It sounds like you are progressing toward many good goals :)

Dawn said...

When you get a minute and need a good chuckle, go check out Kristen's latest family fiasco!

mindyluwho said...

Funny how you "clean" their rooms while they are gone, I've done that a time or two!