Thursday, October 30, 2008

Inspection woes

It has been a day of go, go, go. Grocery shopping, picking Zoe & Emily up from school, picking Eleanor up from school, going back to Zoe & Emily's school to pick up our fund raiser items, going to get the Yukon inspected, stopping at McDonald's for dinner, going to church for Achievement night, coming back home. I am looking forward to a day at home tomorrow...until we go trick or treating.

So, about the inspection. The Yukon was supposed to be inspected in August. September rolled around and Matt mentioned a 30 day grace period that I had to get it inspected, so then October rolled around. There is a mechanic that I have taken the Yukon to for inspection, but he doesn't take credit cards, only cash or a check, so I would think about getting the Yukon inspected, but then realize that I didn't have cash or my checkbook with me, so I would go home and then think about the inspection again when I was driving around...with no cash or checkbook. I finally had some cash a few weeks ago, so I stopped at the garage, but the mechanic was out of inspection stickers, so he told me to come back in a week. I went back yesterday and he informed me that he has decided not to do inspections anymore, except for commercial trucks, so now I had to go somewhere else. I liked this mechanic because he was quick, I didn't have to get the kids out of the car, and if I waited until the month after the inspection was due then the mechanic would feel the need to inspect it right then. :-) I hate getting inspections because most garages won't schedule an appointment for an inspection, they just want you to pop in, but when I do pop in, they are too busy to inspect the car. ANNOYING! Matt suggested a garage we know of, so I gave them a call this morning and asked if someone could inspect the Yukon if I brought it in between 3:30 and 4:00. The receptionist was very nice and took my name and said someone would inspect the Yukon when I got there. Very nice. I got there a bit early, around 3:10. The kids and I went into the waiting area and waited. The Yukon was taken right in and the nice receptionist changed the tv to cartoons for the kids. Very nice. This wasn't a quick inspection, though. I'm guessing about 45 minutes later, the mechanic came into the waiting area to tell me that the Yukon failed inspection due to some minor headlight and foglight issues. Minor issues that are going to cost over $500 to fix. So I'm still driving around in my illegal, non-inspected Yukon, which is now more noticeable because the mechanic cut off a corner of the inspection sticker because it is so overdue for an inspection...which I tried to have done today. Ugh. The other mechanic would have passed it.

P.S. I was told today that I have quiet kids. HA! They'll fool you like that when they are glued to the tv.


Kris said...

Ooh, that is so frustrating!! Car things usually are... I hope you can get it figured out. Tomorrow should be a nice day, especially after today...

Janae said...

I am sorry...I hate days like this! I hope you can get it done soon with less of a hassle!