Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sugar free dilemma

So, my day did get better yesterday, but not until we got home from story time and the grocery store. Zach and Kate and another little boy were the only kids at story time and either that or the rainy weather or a combination of both made Zach and Kate very restless. Usually, there is a preschool that walks to the library for story time and everyone sits on the floor because there are so many kids there. Yesterday, the kids were allowed to sit in chairs, so Zach and Kate bounced from chair to chair to chair and were in no mood to sit still and listen to books. So I took Kate out of the reading room and Zach soon followed. The other boy didn't last much longer, so we checked out books and then left.

I had woken Noah out of a deep sleep in my warm bed to venture out into the cold, which I felt bad about and this story time experience didn't make me feel better about it. I did however get the movie dropped off and picked up some groceries, so at least that was productive and made me feel better about the trip out.

I've been in a baking mood lately so I made giant chocolate chip cookies yesterday with Zach. Eleanor loves having a treat when she gets home from school, so it's fun to have homemade goodies for her and Zoe and Emily to have when they get home.

Noah had a rough evening last night. Usually he is content to be nursed to sleep when I go to bed, but not last night. He cried and cried, so I held him and read and then Matt held him for awhile while I tried to sleep, but after awhile Noah started crying and wouldn't stop, so I got up again. He finally fell asleep a little before midnight as I walked around with him. I laid him down to sleep and he didn't wake up again until 5am. Yay! I nursed him back to sleep then and I slept until 6:00 when the alarm went off.

I like bringing refreshments with me to Achievement night, so I'm wondering what I'm going to bring tonight. Kayla is part of a family who doesn't eat sugar or much sugar, so I need to come up with some sugar free recipes. I think I'll bring some of the cookies I made for the other girls. The problem I have about baking today is that I'm out of butter, so a trip to the grocery store is required. If I don't bake then I still need to go to the grocery store to pick up a sugar free snack. Ugh. Timing a trip to the grocery store with 2 children who nap is tricky. I don't want Kate falling asleep in the car because she wakes up when we get home and then she will not go back to sleep when I put her in her crib. This has been tried and tested many Sunday afternoons when Kate falls asleep on the way home from church and then refuses to go back to sleep when we get home, even though she is exhausted and miserable! Anyway, I'll have to see if I can avoid going to the grocery store.


Gabriela said...

On our way home from church, I always assign the kid next to Pedro to keep him awake-because he is the same way, even if he just dozes for 5 minutes he won't sleep again. Sometimes they are successful, sometimes they are not.

Sugar free treats? now that's no fun! Poor girl. (ok, so she won't have any dental or weight problems, but still...)

Dawn said...

My MIL had so many good SF recipes because FIL was diabetic. They were pretty good - in fact, she had whole recipe books full.

STory time with only 3 kids would not be as much fun, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

You could try dates or celery sticks with peanut butter. I love those! They're better with cream cheese, but I doubt Kayla can have that either.

Janae said...

Joey~ I have been playing blog catch up! I loved all the pictures of the camping trip...really cute:)
also, love the pictures of Zoe playing soccer. She looks like a real pro:)
Sorry, I wasn't any help with the talk. I am glad it went well though. I guess I have been in primary for so many years it's a bit hard to even remember anything but that.

I am very curious to what you came up with for your sugar free snack? I liked the dates and celery stick idea of Mallory's. That is a hard thing though. I hope it went well.