Monday, December 03, 2007

Snow and more

We are getting snow today, so the girls don't have school. It is snowing lightly right now, but it's supposed to get nastier as the day goes on. I suspect they won't have school tomorrow either since it is supposed to snow tonight and snow showers are predicted for tomorrow. Looks like I have some laundry helpers today (hahaha).

Matt and I had our first date night alone together in about 10 months on Friday night. It was so nice! My Mom nervously agreed to watch all the kids for us (bless her heart!). Kate was very good and the other kids were on their best behavior too. Matt and I ate dinner at Taco Bell, we got some Christmas shopping done for Zach, and we enjoyed some ice cream before coming home. It felt good to be out as a wife and to have a complete break from the kids. :-)

We went to the Creche exhibit Saturday afternoon. The theme this year is Christmas from around the world. The had the nativities grouped together in the different countries they are from. Everything looked very nice as usual. Zoe and Emily sang in the children's choir. Eleanor practiced for an hour with the choir, but then refused to get up and sing during the performance. Zoe's teacher from school came to hear the girls sing and Jenn & Andrea and their kids came too. That meant a lot to us. The children sounded wonderful!
We watched the live children's nativity before we left. It was fun to see the children in the play since I know a lot of them and I haven't seen them in awhile.
Matt took Kate and Zach home and then my Mom treated Zoe, Emily, Eleanor, and me to lunch/dinner at Governor's. It was so yummy! And it was nice to eat out with just the older girls. Then we watched the parade of very cold weather! When we left the car to watch the parade it was 19 degrees and when we got back into the car it was 17 degrees! We had layers and layers on. Eleanor wanted to go back to the car before the parade was over because she was so cold, so my Mom happily brought her. In our rush to get out of the house in the morning I had forgotten to pack Eleanor's boots, so I bet her feet were pretty cold. We tried to keep her feet bundled up in a blanket, but she kept taking the blanket off from her. I think the parade was shorter this year, which didn't disappoint any of us! The people driving the Harleys braved the cold and showed off their bikes decorated with Christmas lights. I'm glad they did because they are always fun to see.

Okay between laundry and children it has taken me a few hours to write this!

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Kris said...

Hi Joey,
it sounds like a great weekend!! I bet the snow is pretty. We got about 8 inches on Saturday and we all loved it! Savannah has never had a 'snow day' off from school - but it is her dream to have a huge blizzard, a la Little House on the Prairie. Enjoy!