Tuesday, December 04, 2007

As I suspected

Zoe and Emily have another snow day today. It is still snowing. The kids are already out playing in it this morning. Here is Zach getting ready to go out.

I get him all bundled up and then he goes out for 5 minutes and then comes back in. Then he gets mad when I won't get him dressed to go outside again as he watches the girls play in the snow.
Speaking of bundled up, here's a picture of the girls Saturday night at the parade.
Did I mention how cold it was?

Here are the girls getting ready to slide down our snow covered lawn.

And Eleanor walking through the snow.

Today will be less hectic than our laundry day yesterday. We have plans to make a pumpkin pie (Matt didn't get his fill over Thanksgiving), dig out the Christmas decorations, and decorate. We may even fit in "It's a Wonderful Life". We'll be busy, but it will be a fun busy.


Janae said...

Wow! You guys have a bunch of snow:)
I am sure the kids are loving it and their day off from school. Have fun decorating.

Cindy said...

Sounds like you guys got more snow than us, but that's ok with me! :) Looks like your kids love it, too!

Dawn said...

All of our east and west coast friends are getting slammed and we get 67 degree spring weather today. What a crazy place!

Suddenly Zach is a little boy, not a toddler!

Kris said...

I'm glad your camera is fixed, these are fun pictures. That snow looks deep - so pretty. It sounds fun to be 'snowed in' - especially with pumpkin pie and all!

Katie said...

these pictures remind me why Im SOOOO glad I don't live anywhere where is snows! BRRRR! I hate to be cold. You are a BRAVE woman. Also, maybe I missed it somewhere, but when are you due?

dawnae said...

oooo brrrrr....that is a lot of snow. Do they make snow boots high enough to go out in snow like that! :)