Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Back to school

It finally quit snowing sometime last night, so Zoe & Emily are back to school. They weren't disappointed at all when I woke them up this morning to get ready. I think they had their fill of snow days...and I did too. I did get a nice break yesterday when Jenn called and invited the girls to go over and play. I made the pie while they were gone, Zach played on the computer, and Kate took a nap. I was even able to rest and read a bit before Kate woke up and the girls came home. But you wouldn't have guessed my pretty easy day by the end of the afternoon when the house was a disaster with toys and Christmas decorations everywhere and everything the kids did annoyed me. And I think trying to figure out where to put our decorations and needing to clean every spot that I wanted to put something was annoying me too. I was one happy Mom when Matt called to tell me that the young men's activity he was going to was canceled, so that meant I was free to go out to dinner and go Christmas shopping with my Mom. The break I was hoping for was going to happen, yay! It was quite delightful and our shopping was very productive.

Today I have been cleaning. I have had no desire to clean and still don't, but it needs to be done.


Kristen said...

Last winter when we had our massive blizzard that shut everything down for about a week, I was about to go crazy by the time we were able to plow ourselves out of our houses. Some snow is great....even a snow day here and there, but enough is enough!!

PJ said...

One snow day with children...priceless!

The day they go back to school...pricless! :D

Glad you got to go shopping with your Mom:)

Janae said...

What a fun ending to your day! I love little surprises like that:) glad you got Christmas shopping going too. It seems to be coming fast this year!

dawnae said...

oh those much needed breaks are such a god send! I am having a day where I just don't want to do much. It is almost 12, and still in pjs and slippers, and if I could go back to bed I would!