Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Say "Cheese"

The kids occupied some of their time on Sunday afternoon taking pictures of each other and things around the house.

Our wall of birthday pictures starting when Zoe was a newborn in the hospital. The top row is Zoe, 2nd row is Emily, 3rd row is Eleanor, 4th row is Zach, and 5th row is Kate.

I bought cheaper frames for their latest pictures and they keep falling down, so here they are individually.

Here is the Christmas picture we had taken of the kids a few years ago.

It came out so perfect! I know, I need an updated picture, but at this point I guess I should just wait until the summer.
Matt cut off the kids' picture taken when he noticed them taking pictures of pictures. I think they're going to enjoy the digital camera my Mom bought them for Christmas!


Cindy said...

My kids LOVE taking pictures, too. Myshel got a very nice digital camera for her birthday and she was soo excited. It's fun to see what they'll take pictures of. At our house, that's just about anything!

Jenny said...

Those are great pictures. Cute too. :)

Janae said...

This is too cute! My kids would steal the camera every chance they got if they could...these are all very good pictures though. I love your wall of pictures. You have done an amazing job at keeping your wall up to date:)

LaRae said...

I have camera happy kids as well. My girls like to dress up & do photo shoots for fun!

dawnae said...

Oh your kids are so darn cute! I love their chubby cheeks! How fun to have a wall of pictures. I think I need to do that with one wall in my office/playroom.