Friday, December 14, 2007

Does this toy belong here?

The good news for my children is that I spent the day cleaning/organizing their room, the bad news for them is that I'll be following them around for awhile like a drill sergeant making sure they put every.single.toy back where it belongs!


Kristen said...

OH, I need to do that so bad. But I just can't make myself. But I have to. I think I'll put a lock on their door after I do!

Katie said...

can you come to my house and do that for me? That is the worst part of cleaning and organizing, in my opinion. I cringe every time ry gets toys out... it's a vicious cycle!

Janae said...

This is always a great accomplishment. I wish the kids could appreciate the time it takes to get this task done:)

Phae-Jae said...

Been there, DONE THAT!

Gabriela said...

I am psycho about toy placement. It's the only thing I'm really intent on-housekeeping wise.

Ummmm-hello. Did I miss something? You are pregnant??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Wow. You go girl. I don't know how you do it.

Congratulations. :)

dawnae said...

Oh this is the bane of my existence!!!! The basement playroom is constantly getting disorganized. Why doesn't my children, and my husband know which toy belongs is what bin? IT really isn't hard. The doll stuff all goes in one place and the blocks go in another, the food all goes in the kitchen??? It really isn't that hard!!! ARGGHHH!!!!

hope you are feeling all right...what a task for the first trimester!