Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I don't like going a week without writing, but we have been busy, busy as I'm sure you have been too! Where did I leave off?...oh yeah, last Wednesday night the kids and I made sugar cookies and Christmas cards for Zoe and Emily to take to school on Thursday. Thursday ended up being a snow day, so they brought the cookies and cards in on Friday. Friday was a half day. Zoe and the other 3rd graders put on a Christmas concert/play that Matt, Eleanor, Zach, Kate, my Mom, my Dad, and I went to that morning. Zoe was a bell (Sol) and she did great remembering her 2 lines and singing the songs. I wish I would have brought my camera!
My Mom watched the kids for me while I went back to the school at 11:00 to help out in Emily's class while they made sundaes. Then I left with Zoe and Emily, which made them very happy because they are always wondering when they can be picked up from school instead of riding the bus. We spent the day with my Mom and I made Matt applesauce cookies that I gave to him today as a gift. He thought this would be his first Christmas without his favorite cookies and he was happy that he was wrong! Christmas surprises are so much fun. :-)
My Dad's birthday was on Friday. My Mom bought him a picture that he really wanted, so that was a fun surprise for her to give to him.

Part of Saturday was spent delivering cookies and Christmas cards to friends (Andrea did you find yours?) and we went to a Christmas party in the evening at Don and Terri's. Matt rents his office from Don and they are fast becoming great friends. Eleanor loved their dogs and Zach loved climbing up their stairs and sliding down on his bum. We ate a lot of delicious seafood and other food and left there very full!

During the 3rd hour of church on Sunday, the primary children put on a Christmas play for everyone. Eleanor was Mary, Zoe was an innkeeper, an angel, and a wise man, Emily was an angel and a wise man. They had a great time performing and it went well...even though I had them sing a song before they were supposed to.

Yesterday was filled with excitement and anticipation for Santa and opening presents today. The kids and I made more sugar cookies in the morning and then I made Kate's ornament. The girls each have a red ball ornament with their name, date of birth, and white dots and Zach has a blue one.

The kids and I spent the afternoon at my parents while Matt wrapped some gifts he had bought and he delivered cookies to some families from church. Matt joined us for dinner and we enjoyed a lasagna dinner with my parents and my grandmother. We watched "How the Grinch stole Christmas" before coming home. We read the last of our Christmas books, including "The night before Christmas" and put sugar cookies out for Santa before the kids went to bed. They were very excited for the morning to come of course! I spent the rest of the evening putting our sausage/egg casserole together and putting the bread ingredients in the bread machine pan to cook in the morning. We put gifts under the tree and I remembered that I hadn't wrapped my parents' gift, so I did that before going to bed. Matt still had more wrapping to do, so he stayed up a little later. I think Christmas Eve is just as much fun, if not more so than Christmas day because of the anticipation for Christmas morning. Plus we are usually together and spending some time with my family. It's always a fun day.

We were up at 5:40 this morning. The kids opened their stocking gifts and waited for 7:00 when my parents would arrive for breakfast. They did really well considering how long they had to wait to open their gifts. We ate our yummy casserole, bread, and cinnamon rolls and then discovered that Zach had unwrapped a few gifts after he was done eating (I guess he had waited long enough!). He opened one of Zoe's gifts, but the gift was still in the box so luckily she couldn't see what it was, and he opened my grandmother's gift. By the time all the presents were unwrapped our house was a complete disaster. But the kids were happy with their gifts and they were anxious to play. Zoe and Emily love their new American girl dolls, Eleanor loves her My Little Pony toys, Barbies, and playdoh, Zach loves his front end loader and race track, and Kate has been checking out all the toys. I have been trying to keep up with the mess, but finally gave up this afternoon! It has been a fun Christmas and I hope your Christmas has been fun, too!


Dawn said...

This is the most relaxing Christmas Eve and Day we've had in a long time. It was wonderful.

Sound slike yours was hectic, but wondeful.

Kris said...

It sounds like you all had a lot of fun! I'm glad. Thank you for the cute pictures.