Thursday, June 01, 2006

The REAL reason for school

I asked Emily today what she is going to miss about home when she goes to school next year. Her first answer was tea parties (I assume because we had a tea party earlier), then she passionately mentioned her blankie, she mentioned it a few times, then she mentioned some of her toys. I'm assuming I will be missed, but she didn't mention me. After she was done telling me what she would miss, I told her she didn't have to go to school, she could be homeschooled. She told me she wanted to go to school and when I asked her why, she said excitedly, "real recess!"

Zach's new thing lately is to climb on the chairs and the table. He's sitting on the table as I write this, playing with the utensils. Now he's dropping the utensils on the floor. He's quite happy! I'm going to go ruin his fun.

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