Monday, June 05, 2006

My Life Monday

My topic this week is a picture I have taken that represents part of who I am. I like to keep a record of my life and the lives of my family, so here is a picture of a journal I have.
I thought about gathering all of the journals and scrapbooks I have completed, but when I realized how much work and time that would take, I decided one journal would suffice. I have been keeping a journal since I was a little girl, too young to read and write. I would sit with my father and I would tell him what I wanted written in my journal and then he would write it for me. This did not happen frequently, and I didn't keep a faithful record throughout my childhood, but I cherish what I have written. I wrote more and more in a journal as I got older and I continue to write to this day. My blog here is one record I keep. I have gone through writing phases in my adulthood, writing every day for awhile, once every week other times, and the longest I have gone between entries is once a month. I enjoy going back to read what I have written. It's nice to have the record to help me remember, especially since my memory is not very good! I don't like to think of my posterity reading my journals when I am gone, but I'm sure they will appreciate having them to read.
I have also enjoyed keeping a family scrapbook each year, which mainly consists of cards and other memorabilia that I saved throughout the year. I also keep scrapbooks for each of the children...and I'm beginning to realize that I'm going to need another house just to keep the scrapbooks in!...but the work is worth it when my girls get out their books and look through them together. I think they're going to remember their childhoods better because they are frequently reminded of what they have done as they look through their books.
So to wrap this up, I am a record-keeping mama. This is a blessing when I have the finished record to enjoy, but a curse when I'm constantly thinking about what needs to be recorded!


momofalltrades said...

WOW! You are so GOOD! I've never been the type that was able to do that. My photo albums sit half organized, I think I've gotten about 4 out of 11 years worth done. And journals? Surely you jest! Blogging is the only way I've found to stay motivated enough to get SOMETHING written down, but I have been pretty decent about printing it out.

Lei said...

You are awesome! I BARELY stay on top of my kids' baby books. Your memory of sitting down with your dad to write in your journal sparked memories of me doing the same with my mom. I've always loved journalling... now it has turned into blogging, lol.

Karla said...

How awsome that you are able to keep such great records for your family. I'm sure they will cherish them. I have some journals from when I was a you girl also. They are so much fun to read!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

I'm bad about scrapbooks, but I do have journals. They are what I would save in case of fire, although the last few years are on the computer. Need to be better about printing them out. Great post.

Erickson Family said...

That's awesome that you are writing so much. I am so bad with that. I have a journal that has lasted me the last 4 years! I always make commitments to write more, but then forget about it. Thanks for inspiring me to do better!