Friday, June 16, 2006

Computer hogs

Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor have been taking turns on the computer ALL.DAY.LONG! They are outside playing for the moment so I am taking advantage of this opportunity.

I don't really have much to say. The past few days I have been busy feeding my children. They eat constantly! I have also been changing Zach's poopy diapers all the time. Does a broken leg affect the digestive system?, I guess it's the constant stuffing food in the mouth that would cause so much poop. It's fun changing Zach as he's trying to roll over and get away from me, nearly knocking me out with his cast in the process. I fear that one of these times I'm going to be found unconcious on the floor.

Zach has been walking a little bit on his cast today. The kitchen floor is a bit of a challenge. Press play and take a look.

He prefers to crawl, well it's more like crawl, drag, crawl, drag. He manages to get where he wants to go, including on the table. He always seems to take advantage of that moment when I'm not paying attention.

Eleanor is pretty much potty trained. She still has little accidents here and there, and she doesn't stay dry when she sleeps, but she is getting the hang of knowing when she has to go pee and letting me know. Have I mentioned that I hate potty training?!

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Lei said...

Sorry that sweet babe broke his leg! Poor thing!

I hear you on the constant eating. I feel like a concession stand most days. :)