Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Time to Scrapbook

All the decorating is done (we just need a tree) and cleanup is done. Today I move on to scrapbooking. I'd like to have our 2008 book completed before 2009 begins, which means I have an entire year to work on!

FYI~ The tic-tac-toe game was a Christmas gift given to us a few years ago. It's an Avon product. You can go on e-bay and buy the one we have and they also have other selections as well.

I've been meaning to document Kate's first sentence, so here it is..."I don't want it!"...usually said in tantrum mode.

And here is a picture of Noah who has discovered his feet.


Cindy said...

You have so many fun Christmas countdown things. Your kids must love it. My kids are a little sad that we can't put up any Christmas decorations until after we move. :(

I can't believe how big Noah is getting either!

Janae said...

I love Kate's sentence...oh they are so cute at this age...even in a tantrum...(sometimes)
Nicolette's favorite is " Mommy, stop it!"