Tuesday, December 09, 2008

5 Months Old

Noah turned 5 months old yesterday! Matt calls him "velcro" because he grabs onto everything! He is at the stage where he will grab your plate as you are eating if you are not paying attention, but he hasn't been successful yet (knock on wood). He is constantly yanking on my hair. He instantly rolls to his tummy when we put him on his back and he enjoys playing with his toys on his tummy.

Kate turned 22 months on Saturday. It's weird to think that she isn't 2 yet! She got bundled up in her snowsuit yesterday afternoon to go play outside with her siblings.

She is so dang cute!...even with the binkie in her mouth. She went out with her binkie, but didn't come back in with her binkie. She is too attached to her binkie to lose any! However, that one is yet to be found.

It was very cold out yesterday. Too cold for the kids to be playing outside, but I didn't realize that at the time because I was comfortable in our warm home. The girls didn't have outside recess at school and our cold water line in the kitchen froze up in the afternoon, but I was thinking something came loose and that is why the water wasn't coming on. Thankfully the water fixed itself at dinnertime and Zoe & Emily only suffered from minor frostbite.


Janae said...

Way cute photos Joey:)
I can't believe how big Noah is looking...they do grow up fast.
Vivi is here with me and she says she has never met Noah, but she thinks she has met Kate...interesting;)
I am sorry Kate lost her binky, hopefully there is one in the house she likes as well:)

Anonymous said...

Kate is so big! Noah too of course, but he wasn't in a snowsuit which we all know adds at least 5 pounds, then the camera weight, you get the point. ;) No, no that's not what I mean. Really they're adorable. I'm glad they got some play time.

Katie said...

Noah is so cute. I think he looks just like Kate, not that Ive ever seen either of them in person, but you know what I mean. Ella is very attatched to her binkie too. She is sitting on my lap and having a total freak out because Kate has "her binkie". She doesnt understand that babies in pictures dont really have "her binkie".

Dawn said...

Noah is such a smiley little guy! The twins are all hands and fingers - I have almost lost my plates and bowls several times - eating and holding one of those little critters is not a pleasant experience. But they're so cotton pickin' cute!

ML said...

I love to see the pictures of your "littles" as Tiffany calls them. They're beautiful!