Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

As of yesterday, I am the proud Mom of the pogo stick record holder at the Miles Lane School! Zoe jumped 592 times in her gym class, beating the 520 record. Way to jump, Zoe!

We all went shopping last night for sibling gifts. I took Eleanor, Zach, Zoe, and Emily into the Family Dollar one by one to look for the perfect gifts while Matt sat in the car waiting. The cashier was so patient with us as we counted out mostly nickels and dimes with each purchase. The kids did a great job staying focused on buying a gift for the sibling whose name they picked from a bag and I think they all picked gifts that their siblings will like. They are all very excited to find out who picked their name and to open their presents!

Yesterday, Eleanor tried to get me to open the gift she made for me and Matt at school and was quite annoyed when I refused. I think it's sweet that she is so anxious for us to open her gift.

Matt and Zoe are off to court this morning. Last night at dinner, Matt mentioned having court this morning and Zoe asked him what he did in court. Matt invited her to go with him to see for herself, so she did. Her assignment is to take note of all the piercings and tattoos that the defendants have and how many the lawyers and judges have.

We'll be making cookies for Santa this afternoon and then we'll head over to my parents' home for our traditional viewing of

and our low-key dinner of sandwiches and chips. We're looking forward to it!


Mike & Mal said...

I LOVE How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

That's cute about Zoe wanting (or at least willing) to go with Matt and see how things work in court. I hope she doesn't get too bored.

And congratulations, Zoe! That's awesome! You should run track; you probably have some pretty amazing legs!

Kris said...

I love Zoe's assignment. Seriously.

What a fun & relaxing Christmas eve you have planned!

Merry Christmas!

ML said...

Probably my favorite Christmas movie ever! Hope yesterday is wonderful for you (just a little joke since it's already Christmas morning here :) Happy holidays!