Monday, December 29, 2008


I have been asked a few questions in my comments section...

1. What is a Christmas jar? I had mentioned that I read "Christmas Jars" by Jason Wright ( I highly recommend this book by the way) and I wanted to start my own Christmas jar. This involves setting out a jar and filling it with change throughout the year and then secretly giving it away next Christmas. Every Christmas I wonder what service our family could do and then the season goes by without doing any service at all. This year was no different. The Christmas jar is a great way for our family to serve someone or a family next Christmas and we can contribute to it all year long. And we'll start tonight as I present the plan during Family Home Evening...I didn't realize writing this post would generate such a great idea for my lesson tonight!

2. Do my kids grow out of sleeping so soundly? I am happy to! My kids are all great sleepers and the older ones never wake up in the middle of the least they don't wake me up if they do...unless they throw up in their bed. I think my kids learn to sleep through anything because there is always noise around them.

3. Is there a specific reason for getting rid of our cookie cutters? Yes. They were old and starting to rust.

4. What special thing did I receive for Christmas? I received money, which is always fun to spend! I'm hoping to put it toward a family pass to a local indoor pool. My grandmother made me a beautiful scarf, and I got a new pair of pajamas, which I am currently 2:14pm. My kids are all dressed. :-) Our family also received a membership to the Children's Museum in Bangor, which I forgot to mention in my Christmas post. We are very excited to use it!

5. Where did we get our red chairs for the kids? Santa, but I've seen the same exact chairs in the Pottery Barn Kids Catalog. We also have a Blue's Clues Thinking Chair, which has been around for about 7 years now. I can't remember which store we bought it from, but I'm sure it was Walmart or Toys R Us. They may have one on e-bay.

It wasn't asked if our waffle maker would stick around or not after the disaster Christmas breakfast, but I'll let you know that I'm up for giving it one more try. Matt was ready to throw it out the door on Christmas, but I have this crazy desire to try it again.


Ave said...

JW's mother bought us a family pass to the Children's museum 2 years ago. It is a great place to go in the winter when it has been beastly cold for days on end. A tip, always go in the morning on Saturday, afternoons are really crowded and they always close the paper making room after lunch.

Gabriela said...

The Christmas Jar sounds like a great idea.

And I love memberships to places-when we get back to the States I will be all over the family memberships (especially for skiing)!

Kris said...

Oh, I love that jar idea. That is cool. And what fun Christmas gifts!

Anonymous said...

Again, I like the Christmas Jar idea. Brilliant.

It's amazing how closely the stores imitate Santa's creations, isn't it?

Dawn said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas without spending lots of money! That is exactly why I've never tried to make waffles!

I have lots and lots of catching up to do - beginning with trying to get a post written.

Katie said...

I love the days I can still be in pajammies at that time. Sorry about the waffles, what a mess. Looks like you had a pretty great Christmas, despite the waffle fiasco!