Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

I think we can all say that we had a great Christmas. Maybe the best Christmas yet. Matt & I weren't able to buy any presents this year, so we have family and friends to thank for the many gifts our children received. THANK YOU!

Zoe & Emily ran down the hallway around 5:10am Christmas morning. Matt sent them back to bed to wait a bit longer. We all got up at 6:00. I called my parents to wake them out of dreamland to come over and join us. My grandmother came over, too. The kids opened their stockings and tried to browse through their gifts with me telling them to leave their gifts alone every few minutes. Eleanor REALLY wanted to open this big present from Santa!

Grammie & Grampie are here!
Usually we let the kids open their stockings, then we eat breakfast when my parents arrive, and then open gifts. Not this year. I don't think we would have survived breakfast before presents this year, so we opened gifts first.
Zoe and Emily love their snow globes from Santa. Some of the other gifts they love are their new nintendo games, clothes for their American Girl Dolls, Gift cards from Claire's, scarves, sweaters, and coupon books from Grammie to do fun things with her like eating out, going to the movies, and sleeping over.

Kate's baby doll was a big hit with her just like we thought it would be. Grandma sent baby doll accessories, including a beautiful blanket, the cutest little burp cloth, and a baby bed. Kate loves all of it!

Eleanor loves her Nintendo,
this cheerleading outfit for her doll from Grandma & Grandpa and her My Little Pony Carnival from Santa.
Zach got a lot of fun gifts, like his backpack, paint pens, military play set,
rifle, (notice he's shooting Eleanor in the head)
the perfect sized Wall-E,
and this car mat.

Noah tried to catch some zzzzzzz's and was successful for a few minutes.

There's always some crying on Christmas.
We love the ornament that Eleanor made for us! Her smile is so big and contagious.
We are so happy my grandmother is in town for this Christmas weekend. Even Noah is happy and lets her hold him. Did you notice that he now has his very own Longhorns hat?!

Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying their new toys and the rest of Christmas day.

Move over Kate, Noah is taking your seat!
So, breakfast was interesting this year. We didn't have money for our traditional and yummy sausage egg casserole with cinnamon rolls and homemade bread (in the bread machine), so we settled on homemade bread and waffles...the kids requested waffles. They were in luck because I hadn't simplified our waffle iron yet...even though in the 12 years that Matt and I have been married, we have NEVER used it. Why not try it out on Christmas morning? This is why. The first sign of trouble was the batter oozing out of the waffle maker and then the sticking, uncooked batter when we opened it. Guess we're having homemade bread and pancakes made with waffle batter. It worked.

Ho, Ho, Ho! We hope you had a Merry Christmas!

We did! We played, we cleaned, and we sent Zoe and Emily to Mom and Dad's in the afternoon for a sleep over. They were anxious to use those coupons!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! It looks like you had a great Christmas!

Gabriela said...

Merry Christmas! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. :)

Kris said...

The kids look so happy, they obviously had a very exciting day. I'm glad you had fun. I guess the waffle maker is really doomed now, isn't it....

MJ said...

Merry Christmas! So glad that your holiday was happy.

mindyluwho said...

Merry Christmas Joey. You have such a cute family!

Ave said...

That is fun to see. What special thing did you get for Christmas?

ML said...

Beautiful family--what more present is there? Happy holidays--we love you all!

Samantha said...

So glad to hear you had such a wonderful Christmas! The kids all look so happy with all their gifts. :)
Question for ya? Those Red Chairs of the kids that are in the background of some of your pictures...where did you get them? Jordan's been asking me for a Thinking Chair, from Blues Clues, and those look very close to what he wants. Thanks, and Happy New Year to you and your family!