Wednesday, March 22, 2006


It was dry and warm enough yesterday afternoon to go outside and play! I was pushing Eleanor on the swing, while Zoe and Emily were swinging on their own. Emily starts talking about Easter, she loves Easter! As Zoe and Emily got talking about Easter, it made me realize that we have an Easter tradition that they've grown accustomed to. They talked about hunting for eggs on Easter morning that the Easter Bunny leaves for them, and sometimes they get surprises like a game or toy. They laughed about the egg that got left in Mommy's shoe one year. They talked about the Easter dresses they get to unwrap in the morning to wear to church that day. Then there's the picture that a friend takes for us with her digital camera before's the perfect time to get a picture since everyone is already dressed up! I'm glad that they have this Easter tradition to look forward to. It was such a delight for me to hear them talk about it so excitedly.

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