Saturday, March 04, 2006

Girls Day Out

The girls and I went ice skating today. It has been a loooong time since I have been on ice skates and I expected to be falling on my behind a lot, but I'm proud to report that I did not fall once! Not even when Zoe and Emily were hanging on to me so they wouldn't fall, which sometimes worked and sometimes didn't.
Santa bought ice skates for Zoe and Emily for Christmas 2004. Emily's skates ended up not fitting her and Santa never replaced them...shame on him! So the winter went by and we never went ice skating...I should say the girls never went ice skating since I was pregnant with Zach and had no intentions of getting on skates that I figured would make me fall.
So today being in March and Spring is on its way, I figured it was now or next winter to ice skate. Zoe tried on her skates that she got last winter and of course they didn't fit her anymore, so Emily inherited those skates and I bought Zoe a "new" pair. We went to the outdoor rink and we were all nervous about what we were about to do, but we forged ahead. We clung to the side of the rink for awhile, but Zoe was feeling brave and she started skating on her own a bit, very slowly, but unassisted which was progress. Emily and I followed her lead, although Emily still clung on to me. She skated on the sides of her blades and could barely stand up with me holding on to her. But by the end of our skating, both of the girls were skating in the middle of the rink and having a great time. They fell a lot, but they would get back up and try again. I was quite impressed with how much they improved in the hour or so that we were there. We're already planning another skating adventure next Saturday.
Eleanor walked on the ice with her boots. She thought that was lots of fun!

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