Thursday, March 30, 2006

Flying made easy

I'm not sure how we got on the subject this morning of airplane travel, but here is Emily's outlook on flying..."We can go to the airport and tell them we want to fly to Utah for Christmas. Then we can get on the plane and find a seat-an empty seat-Then when we're hungry, they'll give us something to eat and drink." So there you have it, it's as easy as that!

I went on a field trip today with Zoe's 1st grade class to the planetarium and Farm Museum. Zoe brought home a paper last Friday telling us about the field trip and asking for parent volunteers to help. I signed myself up after my mom agreed to take a day off from work to watch Emily, Eleanor, and Zach (bless her heart!). Zoe brought home a paper yesterday letting the parents who had volunteered know there would be a $4.00 charge for them to attend. clever to wait until after we had already signed up, and told our children we were going, to lay a fee on us. Shouldn't they be paying ME to keep track of 2 children all day, and to tolerate A LOT of noise on the LONG bus ride??? I thought so, but I paid, and had a fun day with Zoe. I enjoyed the guy in charge of the presentation at the planetarium. He was very kid-friendly and the children enjoyed listening to him. My only disappointment during the presentation was when it was time to talk about the planet earth, we got a "keep mother earth pollution free" lecture instead of learning facts about earth. Zoe liked Franklin, the machine that made the stars and planets appear in the "sky". It was a beautiful, sunny spring day, so the kids were able to play at a park before going back to the school. When I asked Zoe what she liked best about the field trip, she said everything. While Zoe and I were having our fun, my mom was at home discovering that Zach LOVES to eat, and he does it!


Rachelle said...

Sounds like a fun field trip, except the lecture part.

Kristen said...

My daughter has a field trip today (with her pre-school) to a feed & seed place. I want desperately to go today, but alas, here I am at work. :-( It's great that you got to go and great that your mom was willing to help out! :-)