Monday, March 20, 2006

It's finally Spring!

Emily has been asking me all winter long..."When is it going to be Spring?"..."Is it Spring today?"..."Will it be Spring tomorrow?"..."How many more days until Spring?" When I told Emily it would be Spring today, she was so happy! She said, "Yay, now tomorrow it will be warm and there will be leaves on the trees!"... I wish that were true!!

Zoe had a horse themed birthday party on Saturday. The party included our family, my parents, 7 girls, 2 toddlers, and 5 parents, which equaled lots of fun!! Zoe was so happy to have lots of people to share her birthday with her. The kids had fun playing together, the adults had fun talking, Zoe opened her presents, the kids did the activity side of their placemats~doing a word search, coloring a picture, and then we ate the yummy cake. The crayon candles were a big hit! Enjoy being 7, Zoe!


Rachelle said...

Cute pics! Your kids are adorable!

Linsey Farley Jameson said...

Cute Pics!!! Happy Birthday Zoe!!!