Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Birthday Fun

Zach's birthday party brought back memories of when Eleanor turned one and her older sisters took over the unwrapping.

The same thing happened to Zach. It started with Zoe taking over the card.

When he opened his new toy firetruck his sisters came to help...and then took the toy away to play with it when they saw how fun it looked...and Zach was left with a piece of wrapping paper.
He did get to unwrap his toy hammer by himself...with a little help.

The hammer was a big hit with Zach. He even showed off his walking with it.

The birthday cake is always the best part of the birthday party. Zach wasn't so sure about that at first, though.

But when it was time to eat the cake, he was all for it!

More please!

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Rachelle said...

Such cute pics! Now I am all excited for Cam's 1st b-day!