Saturday, March 25, 2006

Going out to appreciate staying in

The kids and I ventured out to the big city of Bangor yesterday to see Matt's new office. It was an experience that made me appreciate living in the quiet woods of Maine. I'm just not a city girl. When we got to the parking garage, Emily and Eleanor were fascinated with the pigeons (or as Eleanor calls them...eagles). It took me a few minutes to convince them that we didn't need to stand in the parking garage all day to see pigeons, I was sure there would be more along the way. The walk from the parking garage to Matt's office required walking past a lot of people standing around. Eleanor was freaked out, whining for me to hold her, but I was holding Zach so I led her along by the hand. Zoe and Emily were enjoying the experience as they walked and looked at the wonders around them. I was keeping a close eye on them. We found the door to Matt's office, walked up the stairs, had the receptionist point us in the right direction, and waited while Matt talked on the phone. We were quiet and doing good...until Eleanor saw some more eagles and started hollering to them. I ushered the kids out to the waiting area and waited. The couch in the waiting area is in front of a window...great for adults, but for a 2 year old, it's an invitation to climb up on the back and talk loudly to the eagles. When Matt was done on the phone, we got a look at his office, met some of the people he works with, and left. We had made plans to go to lunch with my mom, so we drove to Orono to pick her up. Lunch went pretty smoothly, except for the fact that Eleanor decided to go poop...a major event for Eleanor who poops about once a week. I was thankful no one was sitting near us to listen to Eleanor whine and to enjoy the stink. Our last stop was Target to hit the $1 spot. Zoe had some birthday money to spend. Zoe had just enough time to find a few things to buy before Zach started to cry. It was time to head home.

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