Saturday, March 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Zoe!

And Happy Mother's Day to me. 7 years ago I became a mother after the doctor yanked Zoe out feet first during my scheduled c-section. Life has been interesting ever since...interesting in a good way of course. Zoe is in first grade and she loves school! She is quickly and eagerly catching on to reading and writing. She has recenly discovered the fun of playing Phase 10 with me and her grammie, which is lots of fun! She is a good sister to her younger siblings...most of the time. She is helpful around the house when it is expected of her. She wants to learn how to cook. She enjoys playing outside. She likes having Emily around to play with, and the same goes for Emily. Zoe enjoys being around people, which is why she has invited many friends to join her at her party...I better go prepare!

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Lei said...

I hope the birthday bash is fun... we'll be having our own little 7th celebration in just a few weeks!