Friday, September 30, 2011

Busy having Fun

Zoe had a game Wednesday afternoon in Hampden that the kids & I went to.

The kids spent their time on the playground while I watched the game. That made everyone happy. :-) After the game, we drove to Ellsworth for Young Women's, Cub Scouts, and Activity Days. McDonald's was a must on the way home having been out and about since after school.

We spent the day yesterday making food masterpieces. It started with spider cupcakes. So fun to make and yummy, too!

Kate had fun watching videos of more fun Halloween treats to make on the Family Fun site. I think monster cupcakes will be our next sweet creation.

Emily, Eleanor, & Zach loved having such a fun, yummy treat to enjoy after school!
Emily's cupcake...

Eleanor's cupcake...

Zach's cupcake...

It was perfect to have a special treat after school since Zach fell off the monkey bars at school and bruised/scraped his cheek.

The secretary at the school called me after Zach fell to let me know what happened and to let me know he was okay, but he would have a bruise. You can't really tell from the picture, but he does have quite a bruise. This is the second time this year that he has fallen off the monkey bars. Last time, he hurt his leg and he had a hard time running for awhile. Does this stop Zach from playing on the monkey bars? Absolutely not!

We made Mummy pizzas for dinner. Another yummy creation. :-)

This was Noah's pizza. He was the only one that ended up with a real Mummy pizza. Everyone else created theirs the way they wanted with the ingredients they liked.

I've been meaning to report that Noah is officially potty trained! It took him a week to become a pro. It is so great having all the kids potty trained!!!

Kate has mastered whistling. She's really good at it and she is so proud that she can do it!


Matt said...

Wow! I missed a lot this week. It makes me appreciate even more those who serve in the military and are away from their families for months and months at a time.

Rhiannon Rosso said...

Careful with those monkey bars that's how Leah broke her arm this summer.