Monday, September 19, 2011

The Weekend

Potty training is going well. Noah has a pattern going. He is accident-free every other day. Fortunately, he hasn't had any accidents out in public, so that has been nice.

Emily & Eleanor played well in their soccer game on Saturday. Eleanor started the game as goalie!

Emily enjoys being on offense.

I am having fun doing the concession stand. A few kids from the middle school helped me on Saturday. It's great math practice for them. :-)

Matt has made some progress building a wall and window frame for the new house.

We finally picked and ate our corn last night. It looked good and tasted yummy! Our best corn crop yet...

Evidence that Zoe likes to steal food when we are not looking!

Zoe did a great job yesterday giving her talk and teaching the young women's lesson. Patti (Zoe's young women president) gave a talk after Zoe and she told how impressed she was with Zoe because Zoe didn't say no to the talk when she knew she was teaching a lesson the same day and Zoe also didn't tell Patti that she couldn't do the lesson because she was asked to give a talk. Patti praised Zoe for being a good example and for choosing the right. On the way home yesterday I asked Zoe how it felt to have her talk and lesson done. She said it felt GREAT and she mentioned how it was going to be nice to not have to prepare a talk and lesson this week. It will be nice for me, too. :-)

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Martie said...

GO, Noah! GO, Mommy!!!! Freedom from diapers is just around the corner!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!