Monday, September 26, 2011

Sickness & Doctor Visits

A couple of weeks ago, I brought Noah to the doctor because he had a fever and his lymph nodes on his neck were swollen. I was thinking strep because last year he went to the doctor for a well-child check and was healthy, I thought, but his lymph nodes were swollen and he ended up having strep. When I brought him to the doctor a few weeks ago, the doctor checked his ears and noticed that he had fluid in one ear and the other ear looked infected, so she put him on an antibiotic without doing a strep test since the antibiotic would cure the strep if he had it. Noah took the antibiotic, at first he HATED it and I wondered if I would be able to get any more medicine into him, but he was more cooperative as the days went on. Last Thursday night, Noah came down with a fever again and complained that his throat hurt. Eleanor also had a fever and she said her body hurt all over. They both went to bed early, which is not like them. Friday morning, Eleanor was still feverish and achy, Noah was acting okay, and Zach said he had a sore throat. Eleanor and Zach stayed home from school. I had Noah's 3 year check-up scheduled for that day, so my Dad came over to watch Eleanor, Zach, & Kate while I took Noah to the doctor. Noah was acting healthy, but he had a fever of 101, his tonsils were a bit swollen, his lymph nodes were swollen again, and he had red spots on his throat. His doctor was convinced that he had strep and she tested him. The test came back negative, but she didn't believe it, so she sent it to the lab. I would have received a call on Saturday if the lab test was positive, but I never heard anything. The doctor's office called me this morning to see how Noah was doing and to tell me that the test came back negative. Noah complains that his throat hurts from time to time, but he is very active and seems to be healthy. Eleanor was feeling much better by Friday evening. Saturday morning, she said her throat hurt a little and Sunday morning, she said her neck felt a little sore, but overall she has been feeling good. Zach's sore throat has been getting worse each day and on Friday he was getting headaches. He was living on popsicles and ibprofen yesterday and this morning he said his ear hurts, so he is home from school and he has a doctor's appointment this afternoon.

A positive thing amid all this sickness is the beautiful scenery that surrounds us!

I went to soccer Saturday morning and Matt went shooting at an Elders Quorum activity. Emily scored 3 goals during her game! Matt pays the girls $1 per goal, so she earned $3. She was very happy about that! I heard that Matt did very well shooting. Brother Keating was very impressed with Matt's gun and Matt's shooting skills. :-)

After the activity, my Dad and Jason came over to help Matt raise up another wall!

I went to church Saturday afternoon with Zoe & Emily to watch Chris Robertson, Cheryl, Conner, and Heather Phelps be baptized. What an amazing baptism day! The spirit was very strong. After the baptisms, Zoe, Emily, & my Dad stayed for the spaghetti dinner. My Mom, my grandmother, & I went to Friendly's for dinner and then we went shopping. We had already made plans to have a girls night before the spaghetti dinner was planned, so we went ahead with our plan. We had a fun time together and I also enjoyed some alone time looking at clothes at Goodwill. I found some needed church clothes. :-) We went back to the church after shopping for the Relief Society General Broadcast. I really enjoyed President Uchtdorf's talk. He is my favorite general authority speaker!

Eleanor, Zach, & Noah stayed home from church yesterday. My Dad stayed home to watch them since Matt was traveling to Waterville for his new calling as a counselor in the Stake Young Men's presidency, I was teaching Relief Society, and my Mom was doing Sharing Time in Primary. It wasn't an easy day for my Dad, but I'm grateful for his service!


Dawn said...

That's a lot of sickness for no diagnosis!

Kris said...

I hope everyone is better soon. You really do have beautiful scenery!! Wow. The house is coming along, that's awesome!