Saturday, May 14, 2011

Very Random

Softball season is in full swing. We are 2-1 and having fun! Emily has become quite the slider. She scored the winning run in our game today as she slid into home. Yay Emily!

We had a pile of dirt delivered yesterday, so we worked on moving it to different spots this morning. Some of it went into the garden, some of it went on the lawn to fill holes, and some of it went to our soon to be pumpkin patch and squash patch. We still have quite a bit of dirt left to move, but we made a dent in it today.

Matt bought a screen house, which we set up today by the swing set. The kids have a new home away from home. They love it!

The black flies are here (which is why we need the screen house). Thank goodness for bug nets!

The kids had a half day yesterday. We had softball practice from noon-2pm. Then we came home to wait for the dirt and Noah fell asleep on the way home, so he was able to take a nap. We went to get ice cream and then we walked to the park. It was such a beautiful evening. We live in such a pretty town. Matt had gone to Portland for a class and he got home late, so we watched "The Office" after the kids were settled in bed. I wondered how I would like the show after Michael Scott left, but I still like it a lot.

I am on a healthy eating kick. On Sunday, I decided that on Monday, I would eat my diet game food since I was feeling fat and blah. I've been eating that food all week (fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, eggs) and I feel great! Usually when I come up with a plan like this, I start out great, but then I have cravings for chocolate, fried food, etc. and then I cave, but this time I am content to stay with the healthy food. I will ride this wave as long as it lasts! Matt is still doing great with his diet plan, so we have been enjoying dinners together.

Noah has adopted the name Magnus. I call him Noah, Matt calls him Magnus. Now when I call him Noah he says, "My name is Magnus!"

Zach has memorized the 4th Article of Faith! He can say "We believe that the first principles and ordinances of the gospel are First, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ Second, Repentance Third, Baptism by Immersion for the remission of sins, Fourth Laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost." The younger kids started memorizing the Articles of Faith when we started quizzing Zoe and Emily on a regular basis.

The passenger side window in the front of the Yukon is off the track, so the button doesn't move it up and down like it should. The window often falls down and then we have to pull it up, but it's hard to get it all the way up. Matt taped it up once, but it fell down a bit and the noise the wind would create was so annoying that I took the tape off and dealt with the falling window. Yesterday during softball practice, Noah pushed the window all the way down, which made it hard to get it back up. Matt did get it back up and then he taped it again. The window seems to be staying up and it's not making any noise. We have the funds to fix it, but finding the time to be without the Yukon is the challenge!

We are getting ready for Eleanor's 8th birthday and baptism tomorrow! It is going to be a big day!

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