Saturday, May 28, 2011

Brewer Library

Emily has been waiting to read book 5 in the Percy Jackson series, "The Last Olympian". None of the libraries we have checked have had the book or the book has been checked out. I have never been to the Brewer library, so I looked on their website to see if they had the book, which they did and it wasn't checked out! Kate, Noah, and I went there on Friday to get Emily's book and some other books as well. It cost me $25, which was a bit funny since Emily almost bought the book the previous night at a book fair, but I talked her out of it telling her she could get it for FREE at the library. However, my $25 will allow us to read many, many books for the next year.

Kate & Noah had a great time at the library. They have a super fun children's room.

The kids have been watching several dinosaur cartoons lately, so the toy dinosaurs were a big hit with Noah & Kate.

Library patrons get to enjoy the little playground at the library. Bonus! It was almost a bit too sunny and hot to play outside, but that didn't stop the kids.

The "hungry hippo" distinguishes this playground from all the others.

Emily is now enjoying her book and all of us have a new library to enjoy. :-)

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