Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday Party

More presents!

We bought a brownie cake at Walmart last Saturday for Mother's Day and Eleanor liked it so much that she wanted one for her birthday. The cake didn't come into mind until Saturday morning and I feared that it would be too late to get Eleanor what she wanted. I called Walmart hoping that they would have a brownie cake made with no writing on it and they did! PHEW! All of the kids thought it tasted better than the Mother's Day cake because it had different frosting on it. It was a perfect ending to a very special day.

I took pictures of Eleanor's baptism towels this morning.

Eleanor wanted time this morning to play on her new Nintendo DS games, so she set her alarm for 4:45am. Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor were up before I got up at 5am.


Mal said...

Baptism towels--that is a cute idea!

Kris said...

Happy Birthday Eleanor and congratulations on your baptism! You look so beautiful in that pretty white dress! I'm glad you had a great day!!

janerickson said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures! It looks like one of those memorable days. I still remember the day I was baptized. Eleanor looks like a princess in the dress. Great hairdo, Zoe. I've never heard of brownie cake but I must see if we have that around here. It sounds divine. Love you all!