Thursday, July 13, 2006

Still waiting

The doctor's office called me again today to let me know that my doctor was at the hospital again for a c-section, so now my appointment is tomorrow afternoon. My doctor is on vacation next week, so the office claims that he will HAVE to see me tomorrow...we shall see. Since I don't have an ultrasound picture to show you, I'll show you some pictures and videos of Zoe and Emily swimming during their lessons today...

Zoe worked hard treading water, then she had to do a back float when her instructor told her to, then she treaded water again, and then she had to do the dead man's float on her stomach, then tread water again. She was pretty tired when the exercise was over.

Zoe's instructor tells her that she is an excellent diver. She does very well. On the video, someone jumps into the water and then Zoe does her dive by the lifeguard chair.

- -

Here's Emily swimming with her kickboard and doing the backfloat.

Emily is very proud of herself that she can jump into the deep end of the pool all by herself.

- -

Going to swimming lessons is one of the highlights of summer.


Kristen said...

I always loved swimming lessons. Looked forward to them every year.

Hope you got to see the doc today!

Dawn said...

I just realized today that I'd lost your address in my Favorites, so I had to ask Kristen what it was. Your schedule from yesterday sounds so good - I hope you can make it happen! I need to do that with the grands on the days I have them. But for me it's easier said than done!

Summer is on the way downhill already - once the 4th is over, it feels that way to me. Soon they'll be back in the school routine!

JD said...

Good for Emily!! I am still leary of the deep end.
That stinks about your doc being out! the nerve!!

Can't wait to see the ultrasound pics.