Saturday, July 29, 2006

Festival time

It's our town's festival day, so we went to the parade this morning. Of course Eleanor had to go potty during the middle of the parade. She ALWAYS has to go potty when we're in public. She has no problem going pee in her pullup at home, but it must NOT be done in public. I should be grateful that she has no problem using a public toilet, since Emily has issues with public toilets and usually waits until her back teeth are floating before she'll use one, but when I notice Eleanor's pullup is wet from peeing in it earlier, I get a little annoyed. After Eleanor and I missed the end of the parade, the girls bounced in the bounce house a couple of times, after waiting in line in the hot, hot sun, and then we came home, after walking a looong way to our car in the hot, hot sun. Matt (he's home, yay!) is out dropping off a canoe and getting his canoe that were used on his trip. My mom is coming over around 5pm to watch the kids while Matt and I go see "TopGun" at our local theater, which is celebrating it's 90th birthday, so we get to see the movie for 90 cents each. The theater is showing "TopGun" because it was the first movie shown when the theater reopened in 1999 after closing in 1956. I've never seen this movie on the big screen, so I'm excited! Plus, it's a night out with Matt, which I always enjoy.

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