Monday, July 03, 2006

Sing it...We are family

My family, the one I grew up in...consisted of my parents, my sister who is 5 years older than me, and me. I have a sister that was born a few years before me, but she died shortly after birth. My parents were, are good parents. They did, do their best to take care of me and my sister. My parents had, have their struggles in their marriage, but they have managed to stay together, which I am grateful for. I'm proud and happy to say that I grew up in a two-parent home. They were good examples in our faith and did their best to instill those beliefs in us girls. I am so happy and feel blessed that I have been raised a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. My dad did his best to teach us skills that we would use in our lives, such as cooking, gardening, and car maintenance. I regret my lack of attention and enthusiasm to learn what he had to teach, but I'm glad he's close by to get advise from when I need it. I must say that I do enjoy cooking now and I think I'm a pretty good one has died from my cooking yet :-) My mom has been a rock of faith for me and I'm glad she has become one of my best friends.
My sister and I had our fair share of fights and squabbles growing up. I can remember being the annoying little sister. I used to try to push her off her bed, but of course being the younger sister, I would always be the one getting knocked off. I always went back for more, though. When she got married at 18 and left me at home with my parents when I was 13, our relationship changed and we started to become friends. I would visit her during the summer when she lived in Texas and Louisianna . I enjoyed that time with her and being away from home, although I was always glad to be back home when the time came. I think it was around this time that I decided I wanted a big family because it could get lonely being the only child at home. Now that my sister and I both have 4 kids to raise and we live in different states, we don't get to see each other very often, but I always enjoy the time I get to spend with her when we do get to visit.
I love my family and I wouldn't trade them for anything...except for a new house and to be debt-free...just kidding!

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