Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy Pioneer Day

I was very happy to discover today that we can get BYU-TV through the internet. I stumbled across this on I had it on all afternoon while I folded laundry and the kids played "dino-world" that they created during craft time. For Family Home Evening tonight we watched some of the Pioneer commemoration broadcast. I'm excited we have BYU-TV to watch when we want to. I like how we can pick a day, current or in the past, and watch a program that was shown, or watch it live. I'm excited!

Matt is getting ready for his canoe trip with the young men, "Zion's Camp". He leaves tomorrow and he'll be back on Friday. Zoe and Emily are going to stay with a friend tomorrow and they'll be back on Thursday, so it will be me, Eleanor, and Zach for a few days. I can handle that.

I'm feeling pretty good during the day now, but I still feel sick at night. I feel like I'm improving, so I won't complain too much. I am looking forward to feeling good ALL the time, though.

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