Saturday, April 01, 2006

will work for ice cream

Yay, it is that time of year again when I can bribe Zoe and Emily into doing chores by rewarding them with ice cream from our local ice cream shop (I'm not quite sure shop is the word I'm looking for, but I'm tired and I can't think of a better word so it's the word I'm using). They earned their ice cream today by doing dishes, making their beds, and cleaning up toys all week. It's great because they are famous for whining when they are told to clean up, but when ice cream is involved the only thing I have to say is, "do you want ice cream on Saturday?" and they hop to the task to be done. I'm already thinking of a bribe to get us through the winter. Matt suggested McDonalds and he might be on to something there. Our children love's a great motivator. What is that you say?...the "experts" say we shouldn't reward our children with food?...well I disagree. Using food is getting my house cleaned...and not by me :-)


Rachelle said...

I'd work for ice cream too!

Lei said...

lol - whatever it takes! whatever. it. takes... ;)