Saturday, April 15, 2006

2 for the price of 1

This post will include my Easter madness weekend AND my 6 wierd things meme...

My morning so far has started out with "plummer boy" (Zach) coming into the living room carrying the toilet plunger and smiling from ear to ear.

Eleanor danced a jig to the sound of me mixing her chocolate milk.

Emily called me an expert after I got her applesauce out of the box...hanging around my children can make me feel so good sometimes!

Now onto the busy weekend we have in store...we have stake conference this weekend. I asked Matt who's idea it was to have stake conference on Easter and his reply was, "The Lord"...well, I can't be mad at the Lord...can't I blame someone else?! It wouldn't be so bad if Matt and I didn't have to be at the stake center at 8:30am for a meeting with the general authority, Douglas L. Callister along with the other Bishops/Branch Presidents and their wives. Zoe needs to be there at 8:45 (lucky she'll already be there 15 minutes early) to practice with the children ages 6-11 who will be singing during conference. So, to make Easter morning run smoothly, we started preparing last night. After datenight, I went over to my mom's to get the plastic eggs to fill with candy, which Matt and I did last night. I didn't want to put it off until this evening because we have the adult meeting for stake conference to attend this evening and we won't be home until 9pm or so. We'll be putting the kids to bed, wait until they are asleep, and let the Easter bunny work his magic (some of you may think of the Easter bunny as a girl, but it's a boy for some reason in my mind). Then we'll go to bed and wake up before the sun to be at the stake center which is 30 minutes away, at...did I mention that we need to be there at 8:30AM? The morning will be chaos for sure, but hopefully the children will awake quickly in anticipation to find their goodies and they'll be anxious to put on their new dresses. We can only hope.
Today I need to give all the kids a bath, go get ice cream in the rain (I'm trying to convince the girls to wait until the next sunny day, but I have failed so far), practice the songs Zoe will sing tomorrow, iron my clothes for tonight and tomorrow, pack up the diaper bag for the babysitter tonight, and pack up a diaper bag and snacks for conference tomorrow. It's all about being prepared!
I took a break to change Zach's stinky diaper and I gave him a bath, so now 3 baths to give.

I was tagged by Lei (I didn't even know I was playing tag!) so it's my turn to participate in the 6 wierd things meme...only 6? I'm sure I could find more. Here they are:

1. I HATE brushing my teeth. And I take forever brushing my teeth. I like to brush my teeth as early in the evening as I can to get it over with and I feel more relaxed when they are brushed before bed.

2. When Matt and I go to eat at Pizzeria Uno, I like to order a cheeseburger with the mayo on the side so I can mix the mayo with ketchup (known as fry sauce in the west) to dip my fries and burger in. I just know people watch me and think I'm wierd, but it's just too yummy to care. This only tastes good at Pizzeria Uno for some reason.

3. I'm happy living in our condemned trailer with 3 doors(two doors leading to the outside and a bathroom door), windows that are nearly impossible to open in the summer(it's a good thing I like it hot), a plant of some kind growing in my shower that I didn't plant, and very little storage space. Before you call my local human service department, we are in the process of getting out of debt to afford a "real" home.

4. The older my children get, the more I enjoy them. It's a happy day for me when my babies start walking and get more independent. I look forward to the busyness of school, sports, friends, church activities, carpooling, ect...

5. I like my home to be at least 70 degrees at all times! This is easy to accomplish living in a small home...that's why I'm so happy here :-)

6. It's wierd that I've decided to have this blog since I don't like people reading things I write, but one of my goals this year was to do things that make me uncomfortable, so here I am.

Tag, you're it!
Constant Gardener
Mom of all trades


Cindy said...

So what exactly is tag?

Unknown said...

You get to post 6 weird things about yourself on your blog...have fun!

Lei said...

Thanks for playing! It's fun to learn funny little things about each other!

Linsey Farley Jameson said...

Holy cow!!! Did I write your meme? I am all of those things. Hate brushing my teeth, I only do it because I would hate having no teeth even worse! I do the mayo/ketchup thing too, I grew up in Utah LOVING fry sauce, Arctic Circle especially, I have been away for so long that I prefer the mayo/ketchup mix, I dont like the REAL fry sauce quite as much anymore. And I LOVED my trailer, we are in a "real" house now but I miss my sweet, humble trailer...I could go on, I am the same as each of your "wierd" things!!! I will get mine up for tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

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