Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cookies anyone?

For Family Home Evening on Monday nights, Matt, Zoe, Emily, and I take turns picking out the treat to eat after we have a lesson, read scriptures, and play a game. It was Emily's turn to decide what treat we were going to have last night and she chose cookies. I told her we would make the cookies together sometime yesterday and she was excited. After going to the park in the late morning and eating lunch, all three of my children went to sleep...it was a miracle! I decided to make the cookies since we were running out of time to make them because Zoe had a dentist appointment after school. Well when Emily woke up and noticed I had made the cookies without her, she turned into a grump...sitting on the kitchen floor, arms folded, scowling at me grump. She informed me that we would NOT be eating the cookies for our treat...there would be NO treat. There has to be a treat, what is FHE without a treat?!...okay it can be successful, but we LIKE the treat. I racked my brain for a solution to this dilemma and suggested that we make another batch of cookies when we get back from the dentist and that perked Emily up (fortunately these are super easy cookies to make). So later on Emily and I made the cookies and for FHE...we ate the first batch of cookies I had made. The second batch got left in the oven too long. I heard the timer for the cookies go off, but then got distracted and forgot about them. Thank goodness Matt was in the kitchen making dinner and he took them out of the oven when he smelled them burning. When I saw the cookies I thought, I'm so glad we took the time to make those cookies!...but it was worth it to spend time with Emily and to keep the promise I had made to her. And of course everyone was happy when we sat down to eat our delicious treat!

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Kristen said...

Oh, man. My Care Bear is the same way. Especially when it comes to making macaroni and cheese (Kraft, that is). She always has to help stir, and put the cheese in, then of course she has to serve up her own bowl. All while making a huuuuge mess in my kitchen. If I do any of this myself (in an effort to save time and mess), I hear about it for the next hour.

She's the same way with cookies, too. But her main goal in that is to eat the dough...not necessarily the cookies!