Saturday, April 22, 2006

Never too old for sleepovers

My kids and I stayed with my mom last night while Matt went to a Priesthood campout. We had a FUN time! We watched too much tv, ate too much food, and I wish I could say got too little sleep, but we're not THAT much fun...although I did try to convince Zoe that we were going to play Phase 10 all night long, but she pointed out to me that we HAVE to go to bed and get our rest (duh mom!)...oh I'm sure that answer will change in a few more years. Mom and I tried to watch "Reba" last night (Mom has the DVD of the second season), but as soon as we got the DVD in, the children became was bored, the other needed a drink, Zach got mad because we wouldn't let him play with the remote...we barely got through one episode and then went to play a game of Phase 10 with Zoe.
When I was getting the children into their pajamas for bed, Emily got mad because I had packed matching pajamas for her and Eleanor without realizing it. I had packed Eleanor's pajamas in my bag and Emily packed her pajamas in her suitcase so I didn't know which pajamas Emily had packed...Emily HATES to match with anyone, so she refused to put on her pajamas...and she fell asleep while she was pouting on the couch...1 asleep...Eleanor watched Dora while we were playing Phase 10 and then she fell asleep on the couch...2 asleep...Zach wandered around, climbed on the stool, ate snacks, and stayed awake. We were all in bed by 10:30pm...such party animals!...that is way past Zoe's bedtime though.
We went to a restaurant for breakfast this morning. Eleanor fell over with her chair (no injury occurred), Emily didn't like her chocolate chip pancake, and Zach ate his breakfast along with everyone else's.
I helped my mom with her decluttering the garage project today. If you need help getting rid of clutter, I'm the nagging voice you need. If you find something in a box and I hear you say that you're going to keep it because you MAY find a reason to use it in the're going to hear me sigh, see me roll my eyes, and say "get rid of it!" My mom has a hard time parting with things. I on the other hand tend to throw away everything, and then I wince when my child says to me "have you seen my _____(fill in the blank) and I say "no, sorry I haven't...I figure it's okay to lie if it prevents one of my children from bursting into tears or whining at me for getting rid of something like... a McDonalds toy wrapper! So anyway, when I left my mom's house, she had a trunk full of things in her car to take to Goodwill...I just wonder if the minute my car left her driveway, she went running to her car to check to make sure she REALLY wanted to get rid of this...and this...and this...
The kids and I stopped to get ice cream on our way home to reward Zoe and Emily for doing their chores this past week. I praised them for doing their chores...and then asked them if it would be possible to do their chores next week with a little less whining. That's not too much to ask is it?

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momofalltrades said...

Oooooo, decluttering! Wanna make a road trip? ;O)