Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Paper craft day

Zoe and Emily have been wanting to make paper animal models for awhile now, but they would always want to do it at inconvenient times for me, like when I had just laid down to rest or 10 minutes before their bedtime, so this morning when I was writing on my blog, Zoe asked if we could make the animals. Yes! She finally asked at a good time, but she would have to wait until I was done of course. So we started out our day making a paper horse and a paper sheep...with tape instead of glue because I didn't have glue, which didn't make the animals look as nice, BUT we were making them and everyone was happy...which is why the sheep spent most of the morning laying on the kitchen floor...abandoned. The girls are going to realize eventually that they do not have a crafty mother, and then they will stop asking me to do crafts with them, but for now they still insist. Lucky for me, Zoe is getting to the age where she can do the project by herself, and then she can blame herself if it looks weird or not good at all.
After making the animals, they were inspired to make a paper castle. And then came the princess, and a prince, and a step-mother, and a mean girl, and a dog, and a chicken...they spent most of the morning creating and playing. And I did laundry. At one point when I checked to see how everyone was doing I saw this...

Zach asleep with the girls playing around him. The picture makes it look like there was no mess, but there was paper everywhere. I have to remember...children learn by making messes, but I need THEM to learn that messes need to be cleaned up when they are done.

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Cindy said...

I think that's a tough lesson to learn, even when they get older. I still feel like I'm trying to teach Myshel that if she makes a mess, it's hers to clean up!