Sunday, April 03, 2011

Time To Get Serious

We have had a great weekend listening to our modern day prophet and apostles. Tomorrow, I will start putting together all of my thoughts and information for my Women's Conference class that I am teaching on Saturday. My topic is "Use it or lose it". We will be talking about using what we own and getting rid of the items that we don't use. If you have any tips or online resources, let me know!

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Mal said...

Because Mike and I move so much, we've become experts in keeping things we own to what we really use. Here's an idea: after big gift-giving events (birthdays/Christmas/etc.) we go through older things (okay, it's mostly Madie's toys) and get rid of things she's outgrown or that have become ratty or has just kind of stopped using. I read a good tip somewhere that said the most important thing to remember while cleaning out any kids closet, I think, is to not do it with the kid. They'll suddenly remember how much they LOVE whatever it is you're trying to get rid of. And it'll just take forever. If they're old enough they can do it themselves and if not they probably won't miss any of the stuff you've tossed.