Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

We have had a lazy vacation week. Usually, I am ready to be on the go during vacation, but that has not been the case this week. Plus, Eleanor wasn't feeling great at the beginning of the week and she still has a nasty cough. Zoe wasn't feeling great yesterday, but she perked up right before softball practice. We did make it to Ellsworth on Tuesday to play at the awesome school playground there. The kids fight over this swing...

On Wednesday we went back to Ellsworth to see "Megamind" at the Grand. It worked out perfect to go see "Megamind" since Emily wanted to rent the movie this week and watch it.

Matt went to the temple today. I spent the day getting things ready for church tomorrow, getting an Easter package ready for a neighbor, taking care of the kids, and coloring Easter Eggs with the kids. They are getting quite creative with their eggs as they get older.


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