Sunday, April 17, 2011

Details of our Week

1st softball practice was fun and successful :-) I have 6 girls who are interested in pitching. Fortunately, they are all willing and interested in playing other positions as well.

We rushed home after practice to get Emily and Eleanor dressed for Kids in Motion.

See how nicely folded the programs were. :-)

Each grade wore a certain colored shirt to represent a country. Emily's grade (4th) wore black for France. Eleanor's grade (2nd) wore red for Italy. Emily's class played Frere Jacques on the recorder and then sang the song. Emily sang nice and loud during the round of singing. Eleanor's class did the Tarantella Dance. Eleanor loves to perform, so she had a great time dancing in front of the crowd.

The props were all done in art classes and they were amazing!
This hat was brought out during the Mexican Hat Dance.

Eleanor used this tambourine that she made during her dance.
The tarantula was brought out during the Tarantella Dance.

I didn't get a picture of the Eiffel Tower made out of newspaper.

A rainy, rainy day. We went to church in the evening for our annual Easter Potluck/Egg Hunt. We had a lot of Scout families attend, which was great and we had a good turn out from the branch members as well. The kids had a great time looking for eggs (the hunt was inside this year because of the rain) and then seeing what goodies were inside. :-)


We had another fun and successful softball practice.

Matt, Zoe, Emily, Eleanor, and Zach went to the church after practice to clean. My Mom came over with Chinese Food to share with me, Kate, and Noah. Yum! We worked on some kid puzzles together...we're still in the process of making puzzles to weed out the ones with missing pieces. Remember I started this project last week? Matt treated the older kids to McDonald's before they came home.

The kids had a half day of school and then April Vacation started! Zoe's friend, Emily hung out with us all afternoon. We went to the softball field, so Zoe could practice pitching. We had our first ice cream of the season from the Dairy Port. It was so cold out, but we went for ice cream anyway. Then we went to the park where the younger kids played and Zoe pitched some more.

Matt and I went to Pizzeria Uno in the evening. It is always so nice to have datenight to look forward to!

The kids and I worked on beautifying our old home...

Notice the paint in Kate's hair?

While Matt worked on our new home...

Matt is building a temporary hall from the trailer to what will be our new mudroom. Exciting! It will be a slow building process, but at least it is a work in progress! The mudroom will be the start of our new house. The plan is to keep building on to the mudroom until we can completely move in to our new house and then we will get rid of the temporary hall and trailer. :-)


Martie said...

How exciting! A new home! I am very excited for you.

Sounds like you have been keeping busy!

MJ said...

That is SO exciting!!!