Saturday, April 02, 2011

General Conference...Love It!

We asked the kids last week during Family Council what would help them be quiet during conference. A conference tent was requested and their wish was granted.

They also wanted to pick a word to listen for and earn candy for each time they heard the word and stated out loud that they heard the word. We did this last year and had one word per session for all the kids to listen for. This year, we had each child pick their own word, so the younger kids couldn't say they heard the word spoken in conference when really they just heard older siblings say that they had heard the word and then the younger kids claimed to have heard it, too. Zach sat through the entire 1st session this morning listening for his word FAITH. The 1st session today was definitely the best we have ever had with the kids. Zoe listened for her word and was prepared to write in her church journal. Emily and Eleanor listened for their word as well. Kate and Noah played quietly. Zoe is experienced enough with conference that she knew if she picked the word TEMPLE during the 1st session and CHURCH during the second session that she would hear those words A LOT and she did. Emily picked the HOLY GHOST during the 1st session, but only heard it twice, so she picked JESUS for her 2nd session word. They are going to be expected to pick less frequent words tomorrow.

Also during Family Council last week, the kids had requested a visit to the park in between sessions. Due to the snow we received yesterday, we ended up going outside to shovel, sled, have snowball fights, and play in the snow.

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