Saturday, March 19, 2011

Zoe's 1st Temple Trip we come!

Amber, Zoe, and Kayla. The "girls" talked, looked at Zoe's new Calvin and Hobbes book, and we played the story game where someone starts a story and then each person adds to it. We had some interesting stories going!

We were undecided about where to eat in Portland until we saw the sign for...
Cracker Barrel!

We stayed in Woburn, MA for the night. Patti and the "girls" stayed in 1 room and my parents, grandmother, and I stayed in the other room. I stayed in the uneventful room and I was in bed by 9:30pm with no interruptions until the alarm went off at 5am. Patti and the "girls" on the other hand, didn't get much sleep as Amber was up early this morning throwing up. She was a trooper, though. What a great attitude this girl has! She never complained and she wanted to be involved as much as she could, even though she didn't feel well. Patti and I are both sad that Amber is moving next Saturday with her family. We will miss her great attitude, personality, and example.

The girls had a wonderful experience in the temple. Zoe and Kayla went into the temple very nervous since it was their first time there, but they left with smiles on their faces and they are now looking forward to going back.

Zoe also enjoyed her first Stake Youth Activity. They played many fun games and they were fed pizza, salad, bread sticks, and cake. I was too full to eat since we had stopped at Applebees before the activity. Zoe is great because she was willing to jump right in and participate in all the fun activities. She met up with a friend today that she knows from a ward she had visited with Matt when he was on the High Council, and I'm sure she made new friends as well.

It was weird to see Zoe at a youth activity and it was weird to be at the activity as a parent and not a leader. It was also exciting, though. :-)

P.S. Matt was sick last night, so there are no stomach flu survivors left here at home.


Mal said...

Happy birthday, Zoe! Man, it is so crazy to think you're 12 already! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you! I hope you had a blast at the temple and the youth activity. (I'm sure you were a hit--and hit on! hahaha!) Maybe see you some time in the next year or two.

Martie said...

After this it will happen fast... one after another will graduate from Primary and suddenly half the youth in the ward will be yours! :O) I LOVE it!

It's great reading about the temple in Massachusetts. When I lived there we had to travel to the DC temple.

Congrats, Zoe!!