Friday, March 18, 2011

A Birthday Morning

Zoe is 12 today! She opened her gift from Jerry & Judy

a paper weight

and she opened a gift from me and Matt (a hair elastic ball).
Cake was part of Zoe's breakfast this morning.
Everyone else drank water. Matt is the sole survivor here against the stomach flu attack.
I am going to pick Zoe up from school this afternoon and then we are off to the temple! What started out as a Mother-Daughter adventure has grown into a family/Young Women's trip. We are excited! My parents, grandmother, Patti (friend and Young Women's leader), Kayla & Amber (2 of our Young Women) will be joining us. The plan is to stay in a hotel near the temple tonight and attend the temple tomorrow morning at 8am. My parents & grandmother are going to stay at the temple for the day tomorrow and the rest of us are going to drive to Waterville for Zoe's first Stake Youth Activity. They are having a Youth Leadership Training/Dinner for all youth ages 12-18.

It will be a weekend celebration! We will have our family party for Zoe on Sunday.


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Courtney Wilson said...

Wow! 12 is a big one! Happy Birthday!