Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cub Scouts

There are 2 boys in our Primary who are Cub Scouts and because of them, we have a Cub Scout pack at our church. Several years ago, Anne, who is now the mother of an Eagle Scout, was asked to start up the pack and to recruit boys from the community to join. She did and has been doing a wonderful job with the Cub Scouts! As a Primary Counselor, I volunteered to take the scout training and be on the scout committee at church. I was willing to help Anne out in any way that I could. Anne was grateful for my willingness to help since she was starting classes in January that would take up her Wednesday evenings until May. I didn't realize that I would be thrown into a leadership role until after I offered to help. GULP. With snow days, missing the 1st Wednesdays for PTO, and parent involvement, I haven't had to do that much, though.

Anne was in charge of the Webelos, so that became my responsibility. The way things turned out, I only led one meeting with the 5 boys before 4 of them moved up to Boy Scouts. Then I was left with 1 boy in webelos who has been joining the Bear Den for company.

I was in charge of my first pack meeting this evening. The blind leading the pack. I have been dreading this meeting all day, but it turned out to be quite fun and I'm glad I did it. For those of you who have been to a pack meeting before, ours I'm sure was way more casual than most, but I would say it was a success. We had our opening, I gave out beads (and hope that the cub scout was right about which beads to give out!), and we played games.

It has taken me several months, but I finally know all the boys' names now and I learn more of the parents' names each week. I feel like I'm finally getting settled in as a Cub Scout leader and that I'm not an outsider anymore.

I will be a pro at Cub Scouts by the time Zach joins us. :-)

It may be time to buy a scout shirt. I've been putting it off because I have no desire to sew on the patches. If you know of a way to get the patches on without sewing, I am all ears!


Teresa said...

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Kris said...

They have great stuff at our scout office that you just stick the patches on with! It works well and goes through the wash no problem. I'm sorry I don't know what it is called... patch magic, maybe?

You are so good to be a cub scout leader, that is a lot of work!

Doug said...

Yes, it's called "Badge Magic". You can probably order it online here. I managed to sew all of my patches though, so it can be done!

Have fun in Scouts!