Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween 2011

The Halloween fun started at school. Zach had a party in the afternoon that Kate, Noah, & I went to. Kate & Noah blended right in and took part in everything that Zach did. They started in the Treat/Bingo room. Noah was more into his treats than the game, but Kate enjoyed both.

The next room had the donut game

and the witch's broom game.

The broom would get passed around and when the music stopped, the child with the broom went into the middle of the circle to ride around on the broom. Kate kept getting the broom, but she didn't want to go in the circle. Noah wanted to ride the broom, but the music never stopped when he had it. Kate finally rode the broom toward the end of the game.

The last room, which is Zach's classroom had pin the eye on the monster. Zach went first.
Pretty close!

They also did an apple relay. Balancing an apple on a spoon is hard!

Kate & Noah talked and played with Zach's classmates like they see them every day. It was cute.
Eleanor had fun at her school in the afternoon as well. The 3rd graders went to different classrooms to play fun learning games and they went to Mrs. Lalonde's room to eat yummy snacks while listening to Halloween music.

We had enough time after school to get costumes on and drive to the mall. Noah, Kate, & Zach took a little snooze on the way.
A true vampire...sleeping during the day!

Let the trick or treating begin! Noah was sleepy at first and he wanted to be carried, but once he saw a lollipop in his bucket, he perked up and wanted to walk and carry his own bucket.

It's fun to see all the other creative costumes!

It's fun to have different costumes to wear! Kate didn't mind the floppy butterfly wings like I did. I kept trying to fix them, but Kate would stop me and say they were fine.

It was dinnertime when we were done getting candy, so we ate at Ruby Tuesdays.
Noah helped himself to my salad.

Besides getting candy, the kids wanted to visit the pet store and ride on the rides. The older girls had a desire to shop and they were able to browse a tiny bit.

We had a super fun Halloween!

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Kris said...

That is a lot of fun, I bet everyone was exhausted the next day! That is fun to have multiple costumes to choose from. You are so good to take pictures to capture everything, thanks for posting!