Monday, November 14, 2011

Basketball & a few other things

Zoe and Emily had basketball tryouts last week for the Middle School teams. Zoe made the A team! She is very happy that she made the A team after ONE tryout. :-) Emily is an alternate for the B team, which is AWESOME! This is the first year that the basketball program has been open to 5th graders, so Emily is lucky to be able to practice with the B team. She won't play in any games, unless one of the players can't play and she gets picked to play, but she is going to learn a lot and improve her game as she practices. :-)

Emily earned this certificate from Matt a few weeks ago for being such a great helper around the house without being asked. We LOVE it when the kids see a need and fill it without being told to do so!

Zoe participated in the Honors Festival for band a few Saturdays ago. Her best friend, Morgan was there, too! They practiced all day with a guest conductor and then they put on a concert in the evening. Matt and I weren't able to attend the concert because we were at Stake Conference, which was a bummer, but Zoe was happy that she was able to have this experience.


Janae said...

Congrats to the girls on making the teams! That is wonderful:) I love the haircuts in the last post. such cute boys!

Dawn said...

You will just get busier and busier as your kids get older and are in so many activities. Good for them!

I am still amazed that you guys are building your own house. What an thrilling experience it must be for you after all these years of waiting!